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  • Do I have to be Indonesian to participate?
    No, as long as you are the founder and your company is targeting Indonesia as the main market, you are eligible to apply.
  • Can I bring my Co-Founders along?
    This program can accommodate max 2 Co-Founders per company with one of you being the CEO.
  • How are the 17,5 hours of time commitment spanned over 5 months? Will the sessions be conducted online or offline?
    0,5 hours for Service Planning Meeting - Online 1,5 hours for Kick-Off - Offline 3 x 1,5 hours for Exclusive Mentorship (4,5 hours in total) - Online/Offline You’ll get a maximum of 3 exclusive mentorship sessions with a dedicated mentor - just for you! We will match you & the mentor based on your industry, business model, challenges and mentor background & expertise relevancy. Each mentoring session lasts for an hour, and it happens about once a month. You can leverage these exclusive mentorship sessions as pit stops to discuss different challenges you have running the company, to brainstorm ideas you can explore for your company, and to sharpen your strategy. Endeavor mentorships are proven to help entrepreneurs to develop a culture of personal and professional growth and shorten learning curves. 3 x 1,5 hours for Founder to Founder Forum (4,5 hours in total) - Offline Endeavor will assign one of our Endeavor Entrepreneurs to be a buddy for a group of Co-Founders. During the batch, startups are sorted into 5 groups. We will group you with other Co-Founders from different companies with similar challenges and you will be separated into different groups with your Co-Founder. Do not worry, we will check for conflicts of interest before the program starts. The Endeavor Entrepreneur serves as peer-to-peer support throughout the program, you will have 3x of group sharing sessions with the Endeavor Entrepreneur. You can share about your challenges, learn from each other, & also collaborate! We’d love to hear about the upcoming collaboration between our participants & buddies! 3 x 1,5 hours for Scale Up Academy (4,5 hours in total) - Online You will get access to 3x of Scale Up Academy throughout the program with different topics. There will be a speaker from our network who will present the material which will be followed by a Q&A session. Only for this session, you may also invite your C-Levels to attend the Scale Up Academy (not limited to Co-Founders who are the participants). 2 hours for Closing Event - Offline In the closing event, you will get the opportunity to have a session for free networking & meet the Endeavor network (Endeavor Scale Up alumni & participants, investors, Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and Endeavor Scale Up partners).
  • How does Endeavor match me with an Exclusive Mentor?
    You will get a dedicated Endeavor account manager who will match your challenges with the mentors' expertise or background. We will always check for any potential conflict of interest with you before arranging the sessions.
  • How does this program differ from the Endeavor Entrepreneur program?
    This program acts as a bridge for the potential entrepreneurs to become Endeavor Entrepreneur(s) in the future, where you will get to receive the full suite of Endeavor services. By the end of the program, we will provide you with a summary of your exclusive mentor's feedback and let you know if you can take this fast-track route to go straight to the next step of Endeavor selection process. Visit our Global website and Indonesia website to learn more about Endeavor and our Endeavor Entrepreneur program.
  • If I am out of Jakarta, do I need to travel?
    Yes, only for some of the deliverables. The batch will have an in-person Kick Off event, 3x of Founder to Founder Forum, and Closing Event in the Jakarta area. Then, the 3x of Exclusive Mentorship can be done remotely or in-person according to you & your mentor’s availability. While for the 3x of Scale Up Academy, each session will be conducted online.
  • Do you do curation for each batch?
    Yes. Our assessment committee carefully evaluates each application in every batch to ensure the fitness to the program criteria based on merit basis. You will get a notification whether you are being accepted/not in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Not only in Indonesia, Endeavor Scale Up has proven to successfully support fast-growing startups worldwide! 

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Endeavor does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other reason prohibited by law in the provision of applicant's opportunities and benefits.

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